STINGERS PEST CONTROL offers peace of mind with our professional licenced pest control for homes, offices, schools, industry ect

fully licenced and experienced to rid your property of all those pests that like to invade year round.
There are many different species of ants in Australia, the common household ants, Argentine Ants and the more ferocious Bull Ants to name a few. The Argentine Ant unlike the more common household ant has many queens and can therefore be more difficult to eradicate. Stingers can provide a solution to this problem and any other ant infestations you may be experiencing 
Feral rats and mice are capable of spreading serious deseases, contaminating  food with hair,
urine & droppings and carries parisites. 
There is also a high risk of property damage and fire bought about by constant gnawing by rodents !
Love them or loathe them, spiders are not necessarily something we want to be sharing our homes and work places with. Spiders in Tasmania such as Redbacks and White Tip can be detrimental to your health! Others spiders leave unsightly webs and can cause anxiety especially for children

Stingers Pest Control will also rid your property of cockroaches, silverfish, wood boarers, bed bugs, wasps etc etc